Kyle - Grapevine Canyon 2

kyle-grapevine2-003  This overhang (or shelter) didn’t have any visible fire blackening, but did have the remnants of what may have been a rock ring or fire ring. kyle-grapevine2-006 kyle-grapevine2-007  Possible living area. kyle-grapevine2-010  Possible cooking ring.
kyle-grapevine2-012  The large stone on the ground may have been used as a backrest.  Backrests were used in southern Nevada and sometimes are associated with rock rings. kyle-grapevine2-014 kyle-grapevine2-024  This rock ring is a little hard to make out.  See next photo. kyle-grapevine2-026  Inside the rock ring is a rectangular flat rock (upper center).
kyle-grapevine2-019  Are the grooves natural or man-made? kyle-grapevine2-022 kyle-grapevine2-029  A small rock ring. kyle-grapevine2-038  Rock ring.
kyle-grapevine2-047  Artifact 1: This artifact was found next to the previous rock ring. kyle-grapevine2-043 kyle-grapevine2-048  Rock ring. kyle-grapevine2-050  Rock ring with opening facing east.
kyle-grapevine2-052  Artifact 2: Possible scraper with worked edge towards top of photo. kyle-grapevine2-056 kyle-grapevine2-057 kyle-grapevine2-063  Artifact 3:  Worked edge towards top of photo.
kyle-grapevine2-066 kyle-grapevine2-068 kyle-grapevine2-059  The previous two artifacts were found at this rock ring. kyle-grapevine2-071
kyle-grapevine2-074 kyle-grapevine2-080  Large rock ring with trail off to the right of ring. kyle-grapevine2-083 kyle-grapevine2-091  Rock Ring.
kyle-grapevine2-093 kyle-grapevine2-097  Rock ring. kyle-grapevine2-105  Artifact 4:  The worked edge is at the top. kyle-grapevine2-107
kyle-grapevine2-113 kyle-grapevine2-116  Artifact 5:  The worked edge is at bottom. kyle-grapevine2-118  A sleeping circle / depression. kyle-grapevine2-120
kyle-grapevine2-121  Artifact 6:  The worked edge is at bottom. kyle-grapevine2-124 kyle-grapevine2-127 kyle-grapevine2-130  A very small rock ring.  I have a few research papers dealing with rock rings in California, but nothing from Nevada.  According to California researchers the small – under 24” – rings many times were used as pot or basket holders.  The ring was used to stabilize the base of a basket or pot.  That may also be the case in Nevada.
kyle-grapevine2-132 kyle-grapevine2-135  Another small ring, possibly a basket or pot holder. kyle-grapevine2-136  Another possible original trail. kyle-grapevine2-141  Another very small ring and possible basket or pot holder.
kyle-grapevine2-141b kyle-grapevine2-142 kyle-grapevine2-146  A rock ring. kyle-grapevine2-150
kyle-grapevine2-152 kyle-grapevine2-158 kyle-grapevine2-163  A trail. kyle-grapevine2-165  A fractured metate.
kyle-grapevine2-166 kyle-grapevine2-168 kyle-grapevine2-173  Another very small ring and possible basket or pot holder. kyle-grapevine2-195  Artifact 7: The worked edges are on the top and both sides.
kyle-grapevine2-198 kyle-grapevine2-201 kyle-grapevine2-218  Artifact 8:  This one has a tang for possible insertion into a handle. kyle-grapevine2-217
kyle-grapevine2-211 kyle-grapevine2-214 kyle-grapevine2-226  This tree used to be a parking area for the BMX bikers. kyle-grapevine2-222
kyle-grapevine2-223 kyle-grapevine2a-004  Many of the rock rings in this next group were built on the bedrock limestone and are easier to distinguish than the first group of rings which were all constructed on sand or soil. kyle-grapevine2a-006  Rock ring with attached storage area. kyle-grapevine2a-007
kyle-grapevine2a-010  Another part of the original trail. kyle-grapevine2a-012  A rock ring with a possible back rest. kyle-grapevine2a-014  Rock ring with east-facing opening. kyle-grapevine2a-016
kyle-grapevine2a-018 kyle-grapevine2a-020 kyle-grapevine2a-021  Large rock ring. kyle-grapevine2a-024
kyle-grapevine2a-025  Partial rock ring. kyle-grapevine2a-028 kyle-grapevine2a-030  A small rock ring about 18” in diameter..  Possible basket or pot holder. kyle-grapevine2a-032  Rock ring.
kyle-grapevine2a-034 kyle-grapevine2a-035 kyle-grapevine2a-038 kyle-grapevine2a-039  Rock ring with east-facing opening.
kyle-grapevine2a-041 kyle-grapevine2a-044  Most of the rock rings in this area are next to or very close to the trail. kyle-grapevine2a-054  Another very small ring.  Possibly a basket or pot holder. kyle-grapevine2a-057
kyle-grapevine2a-060 kyle-grapevine2a-062  Rock ring. kyle-grapevine2a-062b kyle-grapevine2a-064
kyle-grapevine2a-064b kyle-grapevine2a-071  Rock ring with adjoining ring. kyle-grapevine2a-070 kyle-grapevine2a-071b
kyle-grapevine2a-074 kyle-grapevine2a-076 kyle-grapevine2a-078 kyle-grapevine2a-080
kyle-grapevine2a-083 kyle-grapevine2a-082 kyle-grapevine2a-086 kyle-grapevine2a-088
kyle-grapevine2a-092  Artifact 9:  The top and right edges have been worked and there is a possible tang at the base. kyle-grapevine2a-094 kyle-grapevine2a-096 kyle-grapevine2a-097
kyle-grapevine2a-102  A small grinding slick. kyle-grapevine2a-106 kyle-grapevine2a-113 kyle-grapevine2a-108  The trail goes right by the slick and the preceding rock rings.