Lovell Canyon 1

Roasting Pits and Old Adobe Cabin
lovellpits1a  The roasting pits were easy to find especially on Google Earth, and consisted of 7 pits not far from Lovell Canyon Road. lovellpits1b  The arrows point to the pits.  In the time we spent looking around the area we didn’t locate any other associated artifacts or habitat areas, except one fractured metate.  We assumed they were there and we just didn’t see them. lovellcanyon1a-004  This pit is about 50’ across and the center is about 4’ deep. lovellcanyon1a-012  The large tree is growing in the center of this roasting pit.
lovellcanyon1a-018  The arrows point to two different pits. lovellcanyon1a-011 lovellcanyon1a-014  The arrow points to another large tree in the center of a different roasting pit. lovellcanyon1a-044
lovellcanyon1a-047  The fractured metate is the only artifact that we saw at the site. lovellcanyon1a-049 lovellcanyon1a-006b  The left arow is the center area of the pit and the right arrow is the rim of the pit. lovellcanyon1a-016  This one is a bit different than the normal roasting pit.  It is not circular, but is in a trough shape.  The open trough area is about 6’ to 10’ across and maybe 40’ to 60’ long.
lovellcanyon1a-021  The arrows are the center – lowest area – of the pit. lovellcanyon1a-022 lovellcanyon1a-032  The debris from this large pit extends down the slope about 100’.  This roasting pit must be extremely old and used over many generations of people. lovellcanyon1a-025
lovellcanyon1a-031  This is the center of the large pit. lovellcanyon1a-036  The edge of the large pit. lovellcanyon1a-037  ….and more pits. lovellcanyon1a-041
lovellcanyon1a-040  The edge and center of another pit. lovellcanyon1a-042  This is the edge of another pit and the wood stake in the center of the photo is one of many at this site, and were probably used during the survey / recording of the site. lovellcanyon1a-052 lovellcanyon1a-055  …another roasting pit.
lovellcanyon1a-058 lovellcanyon1a-061 lovellcanyon1a-064  The rim on this pit is worn down to ground level which is unusual. lovellcanyoncabin-007  On the road to the cabin.
cabinsite2  Checking Google Earth is an essential research tool to be used before every trip.  Without it we would not have found the cabin or the roasting pits.  In this view you can see the main cabin (lower center) and the out buildings. lovellcanyoncabin-016  The road to the cabin turned out to be more of an ATV trail so we decided to hike it rather than killing the Jeep.  The hike sucked, but the cabin site was worth the effort.  The little bit of information that I was able to locate on the cabin stated that it may have gone back to the 1870’s or 1880’s and may be linked to homesteaders in the area. lovellcanyoncabin-139  Attached to the main adobe cabin, which dated back to possibly the 1870’s, was a more recent room addition.  The addition, as well as the other out buildings were constructed of corrugated metal and / or wood. lovellcanyoncabin-115
lovellcanyoncabin-144 lovellcanyoncabin-028 lovellcanyoncabin-029 lovellcanyoncabin-090
lovellcanyoncabin-034 lovellcanyoncabin-038  The interior of the cabin. lovellcanyoncabin-042 lovellcanyoncabin-044
lovellcanyoncabin-045 lovellcanyoncabin-046 lovellcanyoncabin-047 lovellcanyoncabin-048
lovellcanyoncabin-064 lovellcanyoncabin-071 lovellcanyoncabin-073 lovellcanyoncabin-074  The walls appeared to have been constructed by using corrugated metal and wood as forms along with upright stakes or studs.  The adobe mud was then poured or packed into the space. The other walls were made of wood or corrugated metal.
lovellcanyoncabin-050 lovellcanyoncabin-076  In this photo you can see the interior of the wall including the “studs”. lovellcanyoncabin-084  The rock flooring may have been part of the original flooring. lovellcanyoncabin-080
lovellcanyoncabin-082 lovellcanyoncabin-142 lovellcanyoncabin-067 lovellcanyoncabin-051  This is the main door into the cabin complete with modern graffiti.
lovellcanyoncabin-054 lovellcanyoncabin-055 lovellcanyoncabin-060 lovellcanyoncabin-062
lovellcanyoncabin-078 lovellcanyoncabin-096  This out building was probably for storage and was built later on in the properties history. lovellcanyoncabin-098 lovellcanyoncabin-019
lovellcanyoncabin-117 lovellcanyoncabin-024  The interior. lovellcanyoncabin-026 lovellcanyoncabin-022
lovellcanyoncabin-120 lovellcanyoncabin-092  The outhouse. Looking at the ground under the outhouse it doesn’t appear to have been disturbed for years, if ever.  I am guessing this was not the original location for it. lovellcanyoncabin-095 lovellcanyoncabin-101  One of the can dumps located on the property.
lovellcanyoncabin-105 lovellcanyoncabin-109 lovellcanyoncabin-112  An animal pen. lovellcanyoncabin-113
lovellcanyoncabin-122 lovellcanyoncabin-138 lovellcanyoncabin-124  Another cabin or storage building. lovellcanyoncabin-128
lovellcanyoncabin-129 lovellcanyoncabin-131  Another can dump. lovellcanyoncabin-134 lovellcanyoncabin-147  This little guy was right in the middle of shedding his skin.