McCullough Range 8

mcculloughrange8-002  This photo was taken from the road, and the arrows point to the three shelters that we hiked to.  Each shelter had some indication of being lived in at one time or another. mcculloughrange8-004 mcculloughrange8-006 mcculloughrange8-009  Shelter 1
mcculloughrange8-016 mcculloughrange8-014  This rock formation is in front of shelter 1.  There is a cluster of rocks in the center with what might be arms radiating from the center – see next photo. mcculloughrange8-014b mcculloughrange8-018  Shelter 2
mcculloughrange8-021 mcculloughrange8-024 mcculloughrange8-029  Possible grinding slick. mcculloughrange8-028
mcculloughrange8-033  Shelter 3 mcculloughrange8-035 mcculloughrange8-037  There is a possible fire pit in the lower left of the photo. mcculloughrange8-039
mcculloughrange8-032 mcculloughrange8-044  If a shaman had been sitting in this shelter, this would have been his view. mcculloughrange8-088  This site is about a mile from the shelters and may have been the “stop-over” place before continuing over the mountains.  It is located at the base of the McCullough Mountains, near a pass that traverses the mountains in an east-west direction.    This site consists of multiple rock rings or ring-like rock groupings with many of them located on the bedrock in this photo.  There are two dry washes intersecting that probably would have supplied seasonal water. mcculloughrange8-048  The arrow points to the center of the rock ring.  There are two other rings in this photo.
mcculloughrange8-051  The same ring showing the “center stone”. mcculloughrange8-051b mcculloughrange8-053  Another rock ring with a tail coming towards the camera – lower center of photo. mcculloughrange8-053b  The arrow points to the center of the rock ring.
mcculloughrange8-054  The rock ring is in the center of photo. mcculloughrange8-057  The arrow points to the center of the rock ring. mcculloughrange8-061  The arrows point to the center of two rock rings. mcculloughrange8-063
mcculloughrange8-065  This rock grouping is a square with a cleared oval shape in the center.  This is about 4’ across. mcculloughrange8-070 mcculloughrange8-066  Another rock ring. mcculloughrange8-069
mcculloughrange8-069b  The same ring as in previous photo, but outlined for clarity. mcculloughrange8-073b  The arrows point to the centers of two separate rings. mcculloughrange8-074 mcculloughrange8-076
mcculloughrange8-079  This ring is small, about 3’ in diameter, and may have been used for ceremonial purposes vs living or sleeping. mcculloughrange8-081 mcculloughrange8-082 mcculloughrange8-084
mcculloughrange8-084b mcculloughrange8-086  A rock pile. mcculloughrange8-091  Okay, this one takes a little visualization.  Possible inner and outer rings, with the outer ring is not completely shown.  See next photo. mcculloughrange8-091b
mcculloughrange8-093  A rock… whatever. mcculloughrange8-096  A rock ring with center stones. mcculloughrange8-095 mcculloughrange8-098  Center stones.
mcculloughrange8-101  This is kind of cool.  It’s a rock alignment and is approximately 20’ to 25’ in length, and about 12” to 15” in height. mcculloughrange8-101b mcculloughrange8-107  At this end of the alignment there appears to be an attached rock ring. mcculloughrange8-107b  Arrow points to what might be a rock ring attached to the alignment.
mcculloughrange8-103  Another view of the possible ring. mcculloughrange8-100 mcculloughrange8-108b  Three more rings. mcculloughrange8-111
mcculloughrange8-113 mcculloughrange8-114 mcculloughrange8-116  An elongated ring. mcculloughrange8-118
mcculloughrange8-118b mcculloughrange8-121  Another possible alignment with hooked end. mcculloughrange8-121b mcculloughrange8-127  A ring with a tail.
mcculloughrange8-127b mcculloughrange8-128 mcculloughrange8-130  A three sided configuration with possible center stone.  The possible center stone is in the lower center of the photo. mcculloughrange8-130b
mcculloughrange8-132  The left side of the previous rock configuration. mcculloughrange8-134  Another rock ring. mcculloughrange8-134b mcculloughrange8-137
mcculloughrange8-137b  Two rock ring with center stones. mcculloughrange8-138 mcculloughrange8-138b mcculloughrange8-140
mcculloughrange8-142  Rock ring with center stone. mcculloughrange8-145  Rock ring with center stone. mcculloughrange8-145b mcculloughrange8-147  The center stone is clearly visible in this photo.
mcculloughrange8-149  This is a really nice rock ring with center stone – see next photo. mcculloughrange8-149b mcculloughrange8-153 mcculloughrange8-151
mcculloughrange8-156  A nice ring with large flat center stone. mcculloughrange8-156b mcculloughrange8-155 mcculloughrange8-159
mcculloughrange8-159b mcculloughrange8-160 mcculloughrange8-163  Two attached rock rings and one has a flat center stone. mcculloughrange8-163b
mcculloughrange8a-033  This shelter is just a short distance from the rock ring site.  It’s situated above a now dry wash, but during the rainy season or heat of the summer this would have made a great shelter.  The shelter along with the rock rings were probably being used as seasonal sites.  The shelter is approximately 15’ across the front and about 6’ to 8’ deep.  There were no visible artifacts on the floor of the shelter, but there was a partial metate lying near the entrance. mcculloughrange8a-004 mcculloughrange8a-022 mcculloughrange8a-014
mcculloughrange8a-018 mcculloughrange8a-007 mcculloughrange8a-028  Partial metate. mcculloughrange8a-031