Lost City 8 - Mesa House Misc 1 - part of the Lost City Complex

mesahouse53misc1-004  Not far from Mesa House, off the ridge and in the flat areas between the ridges I found this one site.  It measures about 7’ across by 10’ in length.  It appears to be a small circle in the center with several other possible concentric circles.  I am not sure if what appears to be circles are actual stones that were placed that way or whether they are part of something else that collapsed and the stones just naturally fell that way.  No matter what it was it is still very cool in my opinion. mesahouse53misc1-006 mesahouse53misc1-008 mesahouse53misc1-010
mesahouse53misc1-013 mesahouse53misc1-013b mesahouse53misc1-016 mesahouse53misc1-018
mesahouse53misc1-018b mesahouse53misc1-011 mesahouse53misc1-011b