Old Woman Mts - Shelter Site - Part 1

oldwomanmts1b-002  The "Dome": The Old Woman Mountains are located in the southeastern part of California.  Within the mountains is a large granite outcropping containing a shelter / cave known as the “Old Woman Cave”.  The shelter contains pictographs and is about 20' above ground level, about 9' long, by 5' deep, by 4' high at the entrance.  The rock art in the shelter can be easily seen from ground level as you walk around the dome.   From what I was able to ascertain the Chemehuevi used the area and probably created the pictographs and petroglyphs. oldwomanmts1b-231  This is taken in the parking area with the “Dome” just out of frame on the left. oldwomanmts1b-227 oldwomanmts1b-229
oldwomanmts1b-232 oldwomanmts1b-235 oldwomanmts1b-141 oldwomanmts1b-141b  The arrow points to the shelter that is located about 20’ to 25’ above the ground.  As I mentioned before much of the rock art in the shelter can be seen from ground level.
oldwomanmts1b-145 oldwomanmts1b-149 oldwomanmts1-181 oldwomanmts1-084
oldwomanmts1b-030b  The arrow points to the shelter. oldwomanmts1-105  The following photos were taken from out side and below the shelter.  Each pictograph photo is followed by and enhanced photo using DStretch. oldwomanmts1-108  Many of the photos of the shelter are duplicates or almost duplicates.  Each one shows something slightly different, so I am including all of them. oldwomanmts1-108d
oldwomanmts1-130 oldwomanmts1-130d oldwomanmts1-107 oldwomanmts1-107d
oldwomanmts1b-015 oldwomanmts1b-015d oldwomanmts1b-016 oldwomanmts1b-016d
oldwomanmts1b-019 oldwomanmts1b-019d oldwomanmts1b-027 oldwomanmts1b-027d
oldwomanmts1-110 oldwomanmts1-110d oldwomanmts1-113 oldwomanmts1-113d
oldwomanmts1-114 oldwomanmts1-114d oldwomanmts1-117 oldwomanmts1-117d
oldwomanmts1-120 oldwomanmts1-120d oldwomanmts1-136 oldwomanmts1-136d
oldwomanmts1-176 oldwomanmts1-176d oldwomanmts1-127 oldwomanmts1-127d
oldwomanmts1-132 oldwomanmts1-132d oldwomanmts1-133 oldwomanmts1-133d
oldwomanmts1-134 oldwomanmts1-134d oldwomanmts1-150 oldwomanmts1-150d
oldwomanmts1b-009 oldwomanmts1b-009d oldwomanmts1-124 oldwomanmts1-124d
oldwomanmts1-167 oldwomanmts1-167d oldwomanmts1-160 oldwomanmts1-160d
oldwomanmts1-144 oldwomanmts1-144d oldwomanmts1-119 oldwomanmts1-119d
oldwomanmts1-139 oldwomanmts1-139d oldwomanmts1-170 oldwomanmts1-170d
oldwomanmts1-182 oldwomanmts1-182d oldwomanmts1-183 oldwomanmts1-183d
oldwomanmts1-184 oldwomanmts1-184d oldwomanmts1-192 oldwomanmts1-192d
oldwomanmts1b-035 oldwomanmts1b-035d oldwomanmts1b-037 oldwomanmts1b-037d
oldwomanmts1-198 oldwomanmts1-198d oldwomanmts1b-041 oldwomanmts1b-041d
oldwomanmts1b-042 copy oldwomanmts1b-042 oldwomanmts1b-042d oldwomanmts1b-044  After photographing the shelter from below using a telephoto lens, we decided to search the area further.  Better late than never I guess, we located a backdoor to the shelter.  At least this got us inside the shelter a whole lot safer and easier than a frontal assault.  According to everything I found on the web most people make the trip up the front side, which is a tad more precarious than we wanted to undertake.
oldwomanmts1b-060  Sitting inside the shelter looking towards the rear entrance. oldwomanmts1b-126 oldwomanmts1b-122  Looking out the front. oldwomanmts1b-102
oldwomanmts1b-046 oldwomanmts1b-056  The following photos were taken from inside the shelter.  Each pictograph photo is followed by and enhanced photo using DStretch. oldwomanmts1b-056d oldwomanmts1b-049
oldwomanmts1b-049d oldwomanmts1b-052 oldwomanmts1b-052d oldwomanmts1b-054
oldwomanmts1b-054d oldwomanmts1b-058 oldwomanmts1b-058d oldwomanmts1b-123
oldwomanmts1b-123d oldwomanmts1b-005 oldwomanmts1b-005d oldwomanmts1b-061
oldwomanmts1b-061d oldwomanmts1b-106 oldwomanmts1b-106d oldwomanmts1b-066
oldwomanmts1b-066d oldwomanmts1b-068 oldwomanmts1b-068d oldwomanmts1b-070
oldwomanmts1b-070d oldwomanmts1b-074 oldwomanmts1b-074d oldwomanmts1b-096
oldwomanmts1b-096d oldwomanmts1b-075 oldwomanmts1b-075d oldwomanmts1b-094
oldwomanmts1b-094d oldwomanmts1b-100 oldwomanmts1b-100d oldwomanmts1b-079
oldwomanmts1b-079d oldwomanmts1b-083 oldwomanmts1b-083d oldwomanmts1b-092
oldwomanmts1b-092d oldwomanmts1b-097 oldwomanmts1b-097d oldwomanmts1b-107
oldwomanmts1b-107d oldwomanmts1b-128 oldwomanmts1b-114  Looking out through the backdoor. oldwomanmts1b-110
oldwomanmts1b-136 oldwomanmts1b-132 oldwomanmts1b-133