Old Woman Mts - Shelter Site Part 2

oldwomanmts1b-001  Part 2 of this site deals with the petroglyphs around or near the main shelter site. oldwomanmts1b-231 oldwomanmts1b-227 oldwomanmts1b-229
oldwomanmts1b-232 oldwomanmts1b-235 oldwomanmts1-103 oldwomanmts1b-150
oldwomanmts1b-141 oldwomanmts1-087 oldwomanmts1-095 oldwomanmts1b-203
oldwomanmts1-003 oldwomanmts1-005 oldwomanmts1-009 oldwomanmts1-012
oldwomanmts1-010 oldwomanmts1-020 oldwomanmts1-029 oldwomanmts1-032
oldwomanmts1-026 oldwomanmts1-034 oldwomanmts1b-153 oldwomanmts1b-154
oldwomanmts1-039 oldwomanmts1-053 oldwomanmts1-048 oldwomanmts1-041
oldwomanmts1-045 oldwomanmts1-044 oldwomanmts1-058 oldwomanmts1-060
oldwomanmts1b-137 oldwomanmts1b-140 oldwomanmts1-061 oldwomanmts1-064
oldwomanmts1-066 oldwomanmts1-068 oldwomanmts1b-161  Desert Tobacco. oldwomanmts1-082
oldwomanmts1-070 oldwomanmts1-072 oldwomanmts1-073 oldwomanmts1-080
oldwomanmts1-077 oldwomanmts1-092 oldwomanmts1-200 oldwomanmts1-090
oldwomanmts1-202 oldwomanmts1b-157 oldwomanmts1b-159 oldwomanmts1b-166
oldwomanmts1-085 oldwomanmts1b-169  There were two historic fire pits located at the site. oldwomanmts1b-171 oldwomanmts1b-173
oldwomanmts1b-175 oldwomanmts1b-177 oldwomanmts1b-246  This shelter site was about a half mile from the main sites. oldwomanmts1b-248  Directly below the shelter was a single petroglyph with a possible petroglyph nearby.   We also found a Desert Tobacco plant growing near the shelter.  This is not an uncommon occurrence is southern Nevada and we have seen it several times in southern California.
oldwomanmts1b-162  Desert Tobacco. oldwomanmts1b-238  A single glyph located just below the shelter. oldwomanmts1b-242 oldwomanmts1b-243  Possible glyph.
oldwomanmts1b-249  This possible glyph was located a short distance from previous “possible” glyph. oldwomanmts1b-251 oldwomanmts1b-255