Piute Pass 1

piutepass1-020  Piute Pass is part of an archaeological district located along Piute Creek in eastern San Bernardino County, California.  The Patayan and the Chemehuevi were the indigenous people, and were probably the ones to create the rock art over the last 200 to 1,000 years piutepass1-080  This is looking north over the site. piutepass1-006 piutepass1-007
piutepass1-008 piutepass1-009 piutepass1-012 piutepass1-013
piutepass1-015 piutepass1-018 piutepass1-019 piutepass1-023
piutepass1-024 piutepass1-030 piutepass1-026 piutepass1-028
piutepass1-035 piutepass1-039  This one is unique.  It appears to be an inverted zoomorph (animal) and this normally seen when an animal is killed. piutepass1-051 piutepass1-075  This is standing above and looking down at the previous glyph.  From this angle it appears to be an animal and was probably killed at this site.
piutepass1-079 piutepass1-032 piutepass1-045 piutepass1-055
piutepass1-041 piutepass1-049 piutepass1-057 piutepass1-059
piutepass1-069 piutepass1-070 piutepass1-073 piutepass1-063
piutepass1-005 piutepass1-066  Possible rock rings piutepass1-065