Piute Pass 2

piutepass2-004  Piute Pass is part of an archaeological district located along Piute Creek in eastern San Bernardino County, California.  The Patayan and the Chemehuevi were the indigenous people, and were probably the ones to create the rock art over the last 200 to 1,000 years piutepass2-006  Piute Pass 2 is about 300 yards from Piute Pass 1. piutepass2-082 piutepass2-007
piutepass2-027 piutepass2-030 piutepass2-032 piutepass2-012
piutepass2-014 piutepass2-016 piutepass2-009 piutepass2-018
piutepass2-020 piutepass2-021 piutepass2-023 piutepass2-046
piutepass2-035 piutepass2-037 piutepass2-039 piutepass2-026
piutepass2-040 piutepass2-050 piutepass2-043 piutepass2-049
piutepass2-053 piutepass2-055 piutepass2-057 piutepass2-059
piutepass2-064 piutepass2-065 piutepass2-034 piutepass2-068
piutepass2-070 piutepass2-074 piutepass2-076 piutepass2-077
piutepass2-084 piutepass2-086 piutepass2-088  I question the authenticity of this glyph.  The style of the “74” looks very much like the “sun”. piutepass2-090
piutepass2-092 piutepass2-130 piutepass2-093 piutepass2-096
piutepass2-097 piutepass2-100 piutepass2-101 piutepass2-102
piutepass2-140 piutepass2-104 piutepass2-107 piutepass2-136
piutepass2-106 piutepass2-137 piutepass2-113 piutepass2-111
piutepass2-117 piutepass2-110 piutepass2-127 piutepass2-118
piutepass2-122 piutepass2-125 piutepass2-131 piutepass2-134