Piute Valley 2

piutevalley2-162  This site contains several rocks with petroglyphs.  The main boulder has rock art on all sides.  The top has what looks like concentric circles that are more deeply carved than the rest of the elements. piutevalley2-163 piutevalley2-004 piutevalley2-022
piutevalley2-020 piutevalley2-018 piutevalley2-007 piutevalley2-009
piutevalley2-012 piutevalley2-014 piutevalley2-016 piutevalley2-024  The main element on this rock represents an atlatl.
piutevalley2-025 piutevalley2-028 piutevalley2-165  The petroglyph on this rock and the next one are very difficult to see. piutevalley2-167
piutevalley2-170 piutevalley2-032  A rock grouping around the bush. piutevalley2-042  This alignment points towards the Christmas Tree Pass area which has several rock art sites including a well-known public site called Grapevine Canyon. piutevalley2-033  The base of this alignment (same as previous photo) is a split base.  If the point is in the foreground and the base is in the background, then maybe the marker is pointing away from Christmas Pass towards another well-known public rock art site named Keyhole Canyon.
piutevalley2-035 piutevalley2-038 piutevalley2-043  Another similar type of pointer. piutevalley2-049  This one is a little unique.  It appears to be an oval rock ring with a tail (to the left in the photo) that leads up towards to the top of the photo about 10’ or so.
piutevalley2-045  You can see the “tail” or alignment leading “to or from” the rock ring.  We saw several others resembling this one in the general area. piutevalley2-050  Rock ring with center stone. piutevalley2-053 piutevalley2-054
piutevalley2-057 piutevalley2-064  The rocks circling the bush may have been the ring around, or part of, a cooking midden. piutevalley2-059 piutevalley2-062
piutevalley2-068  Rock ring with center stone. piutevalley2-069 piutevalley2-071 piutevalley2-072
piutevalley2-076 piutevalley2-078  This is a stretch, but maybe we have something.  We periodically come across areas like this where rocks have been cleared from an area.  At one end of this cleared area we have what looks like a rock ring. piutevalley2-080 piutevalley2-083  This possible alignment consists of 11 rocks in a row, and then it curves to the left in this photo.
piutevalley2-085 piutevalley2-087 piutevalley2-088 piutevalley2-091  This alignment seems to be two parallel rows of rocks.  Where is that aerial shot when you need it?
piutevalley2-092 piutevalley2-094 piutevalley2-095  Another view of the same alignment showing second ring attached to the alignment. piutevalley2-098
piutevalley2-099 piutevalley2-101 piutevalley2-103 piutevalley2-106
piutevalley2-107 piutevalley2-112  Another rock ring. piutevalley2-113 piutevalley2-116
piutevalley2-117  Ring with center stone. piutevalley2-120 piutevalley2-125  Another stretch.  It appears to be a large area that has been cleaned down to the desert pavement.  There are a few rocks that may be part of the ring and a single center stone. piutevalley2-128
piutevalley2-130  This small half-circle area with center stone is next to the large cleared area. piutevalley2-143 piutevalley2-146  A small 30” circle with three small center stones. piutevalley2-149
piutevalley2-150 piutevalley2-153 piutevalley2-154 piutevalley2-156
piutevalley2-159 piutevalley2-160 piutevalley2-223 piutevalley2-226
piutevalley2-229 piutevalley2-225  This is a very cool rock.  The sheep are all slightly different, which might mean that it is a clan sign and that clan made multiple trips to the area over many years or possibly generations.  One theory on the sheep being slightly different is because different members of the same clan where making the glyph on each subsequent trip. piutevalley2-174 piutevalley2-176
piutevalley2-178 piutevalley2-180 piutevalley2-182 piutevalley2-184
piutevalley2-186 piutevalley2-187 piutevalley2-188 piutevalley2-190
piutevalley2-192 piutevalley2-194 piutevalley2-198 piutevalley2-200
piutevalley2-201 piutevalley2-203 piutevalley2-207 piutevalley2-210
piutevalley2-213 piutevalley2-215 piutevalley2-217 piutevalley2-218  Nearby rock ring.
piutevalley2-230 piutevalley2-237  Possible sleeping area. piutevalley2-239 piutevalley2-235  Rock grouping – unknown use.
piutevalley2-240 piutevalley2-241 piutevalley2-242 piutevalley2-243
piutevalley2-244 piutevalley2-249  This large boulder seems to be perched on top of a midden or cooking area and that may be true.  But when we walked around to the other side, it looks like it might be part of a pack rat midden.  I am not really sure, but it looked really cool. piutevalley2-246 piutevalley2-251
piutevalley2-255 piutevalley2-257  Another large area with a ring and trailing stones. piutevalley2-260