Piute Valley Shelter aka Super Cave

piutevalley1-301  A general overview of the area getting to the site. piutevalley1-302 piutevalley1-009  On the trek to this site we crossed part of the Mohave Trail and came across a box for the “East Mojave Heritage Trail” which at the time we had no idea we were near that trail system. piutevalley1-011
piutevalley1-279 piutevalley1-008  This is looking towards Piute Shelter and several other associated shelters. piutevalley1-001 piutevalley1-003  Piute shelter is located at the base of this sandstone rock.
piutevalley1-006  Nearby associated shelters. piutevalley1-023  People probably lived in shelters like this while the main shelter was probably for ceremonial use. piutevalley1-013 piutevalley1-015  We found a single pictograph in this shelter, along with a couple of difficult to see petroglyphs.
piutevalley1-016 piutevalley1-016d piutevalley1-025  The arrows point to the petroglyphs. piutevalley1-028
piutevalley1-033 piutevalley1-029 piutevalley1-031  A couple of possible petroglyphs – crosses near center of photo. piutevalley1-037  The main shelter was incredible.  It contained numerous pictographs and 50 plus cupules, along wirh mortars and bedrock metates.
piutevalley1-261 piutevalley1-233 piutevalley1-231 piutevalley1-236  Looking along the length of the shelter.
piutevalley1-160  Mortars, metates, and cupules are visible in this photo. piutevalley1-169  We counted over 50 cupules, plus mortars and metates. piutevalley1-252 piutevalley1-254
piutevalley1-166 piutevalley1-161 piutevalley1-172 piutevalley1-173
piutevalley1-176 piutevalley1-163 piutevalley1-165 piutevalley1-167  Bedrock metates.
piutevalley1-257  Bedrock metates. piutevalley1-260 piutevalley1-258 piutevalley1-045  We were at the site very early in the morning and that proved a problem with many of the photos.  There will be duplication of many of the photographs.  All of the pictograph photos will be followed by an enhanced version of the same photo using D-stretch.
piutevalley1-045d piutevalley1-046 piutevalley1-046d piutevalley1-048
piutevalley1-048d piutevalley1-050 piutevalley1-050d piutevalley1-051
piutevalley1-051d piutevalley1-056 piutevalley1-056d piutevalley1-058
piutevalley1-058d piutevalley1-060 piutevalley1-060d piutevalley1-067
piutevalley1-067d piutevalley1-068 piutevalley1-068d piutevalley1-072
piutevalley1-072d piutevalley1-078 piutevalley1-078d piutevalley1-079
piutevalley1-079d piutevalley1-083 piutevalley1-083d piutevalley1-085
piutevalley1-085d piutevalley1-087 piutevalley1-087d piutevalley1-086
piutevalley1-086d piutevalley1-091 piutevalley1-091d piutevalley1-092
piutevalley1-092d piutevalley1-094 piutevalley1-094d piutevalley1-096
piutevalley1-096d piutevalley1-098 piutevalley1-098d piutevalley1-099
piutevalley1-099d piutevalley1-102 piutevalley1-102d piutevalley1-104
piutevalley1-104d piutevalley1-105 piutevalley1-105d piutevalley1-108
piutevalley1-108d piutevalley1-110 piutevalley1-110d piutevalley1-111
piutevalley1-111d piutevalley1-132 piutevalley1-132d piutevalley1-116
piutevalley1-116d piutevalley1-121 piutevalley1-121d piutevalley1-123
piutevalley1-123d piutevalley1-125 piutevalley1-125d piutevalley1-126
piutevalley1-126d piutevalley1-129 piutevalley1-129d piutevalley1-133
piutevalley1-133d piutevalley1-137 piutevalley1-137d piutevalley1-138
piutevalley1-138d piutevalley1-144 piutevalley1-144d piutevalley1-146
piutevalley1-146d piutevalley1-149 piutevalley1-149d piutevalley1-151
piutevalley1-151d piutevalley1-152 piutevalley1-152d piutevalley1-155
piutevalley1-155d piutevalley1-157 piutevalley1-157d piutevalley1-178
piutevalley1-178d piutevalley1-180 piutevalley1-180d piutevalley1-184
piutevalley1-184d piutevalley1-185 piutevalley1-187 piutevalley1-190
piutevalley1-190d piutevalley1-192 piutevalley1-192d piutevalley1-194
piutevalley1-194d piutevalley1-199 piutevalley1-199d piutevalley1-201
piutevalley1-201d piutevalley1-203 piutevalley1-203d piutevalley1-205
piutevalley1-205d piutevalley1-211 piutevalley1-211d piutevalley1-210
piutevalley1-210d piutevalley1-213 piutevalley1-213d piutevalley1-215
piutevalley1-215d piutevalley1-217 piutevalley1-217d piutevalley1-219
piutevalley1-219d piutevalley1-230 piutevalley1-230d piutevalley1-241
piutevalley1-241d piutevalley1-243 piutevalley1-243d piutevalley1-244
piutevalley1-244d piutevalley1-251 piutevalley1-251d piutevalley1-246
piutevalley1-246d piutevalley1-248 piutevalley1-248d piutevalley1-265  In this group of rocks near the shelter are several fractured metates / grinding slicks.
piutevalley1-266  Broken metates. piutevalley1-269  Broken metate or grinding slick. piutevalley1-270  Metate or grinding slick. piutevalley1-271  Broken metate or grinding slick.