Red Rock Canyon 15 (Cottonwood Valley Area)

cottonwoodvalley7-022  This is a small habitat site located within the Red Rock Conservation Area near a branch of the Old Spanish Trail.  It consists of several rock rings, a roasting pit and something not expected, several small boulders containing horn corals.  The only other grouping of horn corals that we have “accidently” located can be viewed on this website listed under “Mt Potosi 5”. cottonwoodvalley7-011  This roasting pit was approximately 20’ across and about 3’ deep at the center. cottonwoodvalley7-015 cottonwoodvalley7-021  A small rock ring about 4’ in diameter.
cottonwoodvalley7-027  This site had all the appearances of being an un-dug roasting pit and if that is true, whatever was in it when it was abandoned may still be there.  That’s kind of cool. cottonwoodvalley7-035  This small ring was located a short distance from the roasting pit. cottonwoodvalley7-039 cottonwoodvalley7-043  A rock cairn, possibly historic or possibly very old.
cottonwoodvalley7-045 cottonwoodvalley7-049  A larger rock ring.  Depending on how and where you measure it, it’s approximately 4’ to 6’ wide and 4’ to 10’ long. cottonwoodvalley7-051 cottonwoodvalley7-071  Another rock ring with a possible center stone.
cottonwoodvalley7-074 cottonwoodvalley7-053  We found several small boulders containing horn corals in this wash.  We are assuming that they washed down from the nearby hills. cottonwoodvalley7-055 cottonwoodvalley7-057
cottonwoodvalley7-058 cottonwoodvalley7-060 cottonwoodvalley7-062 cottonwoodvalley7-066