Red Rock Wash 1 - Red Rock Conservation Area

redrockwash1-027  This is the view from the rock rings towards Red Rock Canyon. redrockwash1-162 redrockwash1-023  This ring is about 5’ in diameter and has an opening facing west, towards Red Rock Canyon. redrockwash1-025
redrockwash1-030 redrockwash1-003 redrockwash1-004  On the lower side of the rock ring there is an attached ring that may have been a storage area. redrockwash1-005
redrockwash1-006  This photo of the rock ring was taken on a previous trip earlier this year.  At that time the old bone was wedged under the rock.  It probably washed in, but maybe it was placed there a long time ago.  Note: on this last trip when everything else was photographed, the bone was gone. redrockwash1-007 redrockwash1-008  Rock ring: In the field this one was more recognizable, but here it is more difficult.  It is a small, enclosed rock ring. redrockwash1-009
redrockwash1-010  A rock grouping. redrockwash1-012  Rock ring: A small rock ring with a grouping of rocks attached - left side of photo. redrockwash1-014 redrockwash1-016
redrockwash1-018  Rock ring: This rock ring has a bush growing in the center of it, which is not uncommon to find. redrockwash1-031  Rock ring: A small ring about 3’ in diameter with opening facing east. redrockwash1-034 redrockwash1-043  Rock ring: This ring is about 4’ in diameter with no opening.
redrockwash1-046 redrockwash1-047  Rock ring: Another ring with a bush growing in it. redrockwash1-054  This is an interesting rock grouping.  First impression is, “this is kind of cool and is probably a marker of some kind”.  It measures about 4’ by 6’ with 20 or so placed stones, and a vertical center stone.  We are very close to the Old Spanish Trail, but we are also close to the current highway.  This area also has old rock rings as well the petroglyph sites in Red Rock Canyon about 2 miles away.  This could be a marker or possibly a burial site.  I have seen many “pet” burials in the field, but nothing this large.  Most pet burials that I have seen have been marked some how and this is not marked.  There is a vertical stone that could be interpreted as a grave headstone.  If it is a general marker, I don’t believe that it is for a mining claim because I was told that there was no mining in this area.  It is possible that it is associated with the Spanish Trail or with the original inhabitants who visited this area.  There are a lot of possibilities for this site, none of which we can verify because all the reports on this area are locked away and not available to the general public. redrockwash1-057
redrockwash1-060 redrockwash1-067  Rock ring(s) that have been pretty much disturbed by people or animals. redrockwash1-069 redrockwash1-072
redrockwash1-074 redrockwash1-075  The same rock ring viewed from this angle appears to be a half circle with a what might be a rock alignment coming into it from the lower left of the photo. redrockwash1-077 redrockwash1-080  This is a common place to look for rock rings in Nevada, along or near the edge of a wash and on the limestone outcroppings.  Sometimes sleeping circles or depressions are also found in these areas  In this photo there is a depression near the center of the photo and a partial rock ring on the limestone edge of the wash.
redrockwash1-084  These are the remnants of a rock ring in the foreground and what may have been the rocks from a rock ring near the edge. redrockwash1-086  Rock ring: A partial ring next to the wash. redrockwash1-088 redrockwash1-094  Rock ring: Ring with center stone.
redrockwash1-094b  White arrows point to the ring and the red arrow is the center stone. redrockwash1-096 redrockwash1-098  Rock ring: Rock ring with center stone. redrockwash1-099  These stones form a right angle at the corner.
redrockwash1-099b redrockwash1-101 redrockwash1-103  Rock ring: The remnants of a small, possibly ceremonial ring on the limestone. redrockwash1-105
redrockwash1-108 redrockwash1-110  The remnants of a rock ring on the edge of the wash looking towards Red Rock Canyon. redrockwash1-111 redrockwash1-114  Rock ring with center stone.
redrockwash1-115 redrockwash1-115b redrockwash1-118  Depression: Probably a sleeping circle.  You can see the rocks that lined the circle. redrockwash1-118b
redrockwash1-121 redrockwash1-124  A rock ring. redrockwash1-124b redrockwash1-127
redrockwash1-128 redrockwash1-130  A rock ring with attached rock ring – upper left. redrockwash1-132 redrockwash1-134
redrockwash1-137  An old trail, possibly part of the Old Spanish trail, that runs through this area. redrockwash1-138  A very old rock ring. redrockwash1-141 redrockwash1-143
redrockwash1-145  Another rock ring along the edge of the wash. redrockwash1-147 redrockwash1-149 redrockwash1-151
redrockwash1-153 redrockwash1-155  Better angle of the same rock ring. redrockwash1-157 redrockwash1-159  A rock ring within a rock ring.
redrockwash1-166  A large depression about 10’ across. redrockwash1-166b redrockwash1-169  Two rock rings – upper center. redrockwash1-170
redrockwash1-173 redrockwash1-175 redrockwash1-180 redrockwash1-183
redrockwash1-185  A rock ring. redrockwash1-209  This is kind of cool.  I don’t know for sure, but I am assuming that this cairn is a historical trail marker probably within the last few years. redrockwash1-211 redrockwash1-216
redrockwash1-218 redrockwash1-220  Trail or directional marker. redrockwash1-222 redrockwash1-223  Historical trail marker.
redrockwash1-228  I don’t know enough about ancient corn or maize to tell for sure whether this is very old or very young, and research on the Internet has proved to be inconclusive.  Known:   Obviously it has been exposed to the elements for a while and it was found in the general area of several rock rings, but not in them.  It was found in the Red Rock Conservation Area, which has a rich history going back thousands of years.  Unknown: It is a real possibility that a camper dropped it a few years back or it washed in from somewhere. redrockwash1-228b  The ancient corn / maize cob in this photo was found several years ago in a shelter in Gold Butte (Nevada) and is approximately 3” long. redrockwash1-232 redrockwash1-235
redrockwash1-237 redrockwash1-239 redrockwash1-241  A rock ring. redrockwash1-244
redrockwash1-246 redrockwash1a-007  A rock ring. redrockwash1a-004  The arrows point to the main rocks in the ring. redrockwash1a-012  Remnants of a rock wall.
redrockwash1a-045  This site is made up of two small adjoining rock rings. redrockwash1a-031  Left arrow is ring 1 and right arrow is ring 2. redrockwash1a-037 redrockwash1a-065
redrockwash1a-049  Ring 1 with center stone. redrockwash1a-086  Ring 2. redrockwash1a-057  A rock ring or rock structure. redrockwash1a-054  Rock ring or ???
redrockwash1a-062 redrockwash1a-097  Another rock ring or ??? redrockwash1a-092 redrockwash1a-094