Red Rock Wash 3 - Red Rock Conservation Area

redrockwash3-011  This is a general overview Red Rock Canyon taken from near the highway. redrockwash3-012 redrockwash3-051  Shelter 1: This shelter is about 3’ tall at the opening, 4’ deep, and about 6’ across the front.  What is different about this shelter is the floor.  The flat stones that make up the floor look as if they had been placed there to create a floor or as a cover for something.  The floor also does not appear to be the breakup of a single large stone because the texture of each stone is different.  We did not see any artifacts or associated rock art in the immediate area.  It is very possible that this site “old” historic, but it may also be several hundred years old.  Either way it is intriguing. redrockwash3-054
redrockwash3-057 redrockwash3-045 redrockwash3-032 redrockwash3-009
redrockwash3-002 redrockwash3-018 redrockwash3-019  A small stone shelf.  A perfect place to keep your Starbucks off the ground and away from the critters.  Some fire blackening is visible on the “shelf” and the ceiling above it. redrockwash3-036
redrockwash3-016  This is the only graffiti that I noticed in the area.  “I Love Sue”. redrockwash3-026 redrockwash3-060  Shelter 2 is also a small shelter, but shows no visible evidence of being inhabited, except for some possible fire blackening on the ceiling. redrockwash3-061
redrockwash3-063 redrockwash3-070 redrockwash3-080 redrockwash3-081
redrockwash3-085  Not far from the two shelters we found recognizable rock rings and several depressions that may have been sleeping circles.  Rock rings and sleeping circles like the ones pictured in this group can be easily overlooked.  So, some of the things to watch for in the field would be compacted ground, circular or oval shapes of the compacted ground, depressions in the ground and rocks that appear to be in a pattern. redrockwash3-087 redrockwash3-091  …and yep this is the remnants of a rock ring. redrockwash3-093
redrockwash3-095 redrockwash3-099 redrockwash3-097 redrockwash3-102  This is a large depression / sleeping circle measuring about 8’ across and 10’ to 12’ from top to bottom in this photo.
redrockwash3-105  A small rock grouping possibly a fire pit, but the two larger stones at the top and bottom might indicate something very different. redrockwash3-107 redrockwash3-108  This is actually a group of 3 rock rings / sleeping circles.  See next photo. redrockwash3-108b
redrockwash3-111 redrockwash3-113 redrockwash3-115  The arrows point to 2 of the 3 circles. redrockwash3-116
redrockwash3-118  Do you see the rock ring in this photo?  It is on the grey limestone in the top 1/3 of the photo. redrockwash3-122  Another easily missed rock ring. redrockwash3-124 redrockwash3-127  The arrow on the left points to the rock ring and the arrow on the right points to a smaller ring, possibly a storage area.
redrockwash3-129  A possible storage area next to the main ring. redrockwash3-131  This is an oval depression. redrockwash3-133 redrockwash3-141  I am guessing that the small sections of wire screen were placed here to help stabilize the ground for new plants.
redrockwash3-143 redrockwash3-145 redrockwash3-155  This large, very old tree is right on the edge of a now dry wash, and you just know that sometime during the last couple of hundred years people camped under or near it. redrockwash3-151
redrockwash3-156  Any artifacts that might have been here were removed long ago, but there is evidence of a rock ring that may have been in use when this tree was much younger. redrockwash3-159  This small rock ring is about 4’ in diameter.  See next photo. redrockwash3-159b redrockwash3-161  Another small ring / fire pit is located in the center of this photo.