Rocky Gap Road - Red Rock Conservation Area

rockygaproad-085  This “Rocky Gap Road” site is spread over a 5 mile section of road, and consist of a rock shelter, several large roasting pits, and a rock ring. rockygaproad-001 rockygaproad-004  This shelter is incredibly intriguing, but I was not able to make entry and will be returning in the near future to try again.  I doubt that it was a habitat because of the difficulty getting to it, but it may have been a shaman’s shelter or something similar. rockygaproad-015
rockygaproad-007  Different views of the same shelter. rockygaproad-002 rockygaproad-003 rockygaproad-011
rockygaproad-008  This is the interior of the shelter taken from across the canyon.  I used D-Stretch on it and did not see any visible pictographs. rockygaproad-012 rockygaproad-010 rockygaproad-009
rockygaproad-013  The shelter next to the main shelter. rockygaproad-014 rockygaproad-017  Pit Site 1: There are 2 roasting pits visible.  One in the foreground and one in the background.  See next photo. rockygaproad-018  The arrows point to the center of each pit.
rockygaproad-025  This is looking at the center of the main roasting pit. rockygaproad-026  The left and right arrows point to the rim of the pit and the middle arrow is the center of the pit.  This pit is about 15’ across and 5’ deep. rockygaproad-028  The center of pit one. rockygaproad-032
rockygaproad-033  Pit Site 2: This is a very large pit.  It is approximately 25’ across and 5’ to 6’ deep. rockygaproad-038 rockygaproad-034  The arrows going clockwise from bottom:  Bottom rim, Left rim, Top rim, and center.  The right rim is out of frame.  The roasting pit is approximately 25’ across and 5’ to 6’ deep in the center. rockygaproad-040
rockygaproad-041  The top and bottom arrows are the respective rims and the center has some historical debris in it. rockygaproad-035 rockygaproad-036  Modern day campers / hunters have been using the pit for their campfires. rockygaproad-037  Another view of the same roasting pit.
rockygaproad-043 rockygaproad-057  Pit 1: Down the road a mile or so is another roasting pit and the remnants of a picnic area. rockygaproad-059  Historical campfire. rockygaproad-060  Another roasting pit near the old picnic area.
rockygaproad-045  The arrows mark the rim of a smaller pit. rockygaproad-050 rockygaproad-051 rockygaproad-046  The old picnic area.
rockygaproad-047 rockygaproad-048 rockygaproad-064 rockygaproad-049
rockygaproad-052  Pit 2: The pit at this site is about 25’ across and 4’ to 5’ deep. rockygaproad-054 rockygaproad-055  The arrows mark the left, right and the center of this pit. rockygaproad-061
rockygaproad-063 rockygaproad-065 rockygaproad-067 rockygaproad-070  Pit Site 3: This site has a single roasting pit.
rockygaproad-071 rockygaproad-072 rockygaproad-073  This pit appears to more square than round. rockygaproad-074  The arrows point to opposite corners.
rockygaproad-075 rockygaproad-077  At the springs we found another old picnic area complete with a once working catch basin for water. rockygaproad-078 rockygaproad-079
rockygaproad-080 rockygaproad-081  The spring. rockygaproad-083 rockygaproada-001  We heard a rumor that somewhere near the spring was a habitat site.  The only “site” that we found was the modern day picnic site, but on top of the hill above the springs we did find a possible rock ring.
rockygaproada-002  A possible rock ring. rockygaproada-003 rockygaproada-004 rockygaproada-005