Sacatone Wash 8

sacatonewash8-020  The first few photos are pictures of the greater Sacatone Wash area and were not photographed at the site itself. sacatonewash8-021 sacatonewash8-079 sacatonewash8-110
sacatonewash8b-167 sacatonewash8b-176 sacatonewash8b-180 sacatonewash8-002
sacatonewash8-003 sacatonewash8-089 sacatonewash8-086  One of the many shelters in the area. sacatonewash8b-023  Near the previous shelter is this large rock with several mortars in it.
sacatonewash8b-024 sacatonewash8-108  This shelter has a possible rock ring or fire pit associated with it. sacatonewash8-092 sacatonewash8-094  Rock ring or cooking area.
sacatonewash8-097 sacatonewash8-098  Rock ring or cooking area. sacatonewash8-103  This grinding slick / Metate is associated with the shelter. sacatonewash8-106
sacatonewash8-030  A partial slick. sacatonewash8b-027  These rocks were placed here, but the reason is unknown. sacatonewash8b-028 sacatonewash8b-084  This site contains a rock ring or ceremonial ring.
sacatonewash8b-090 sacatonewash8b-085 sacatonewash8b-092 sacatonewash8b-094
sacatonewash8b-101  In this photo you can see the size and shape of the ring.  My walking stick is 48” long. sacatonewash8b-096 sacatonewash8b-100 sacatonewash8b-105
sacatonewash8b-119  This area contained a rock ring, seen in the foreground, and a small petroglyph site in the background. sacatonewash8b-113 sacatonewash8b-116 sacatonewash8b-131
sacatonewash8b-134 sacatonewash8b-137 sacatonewash8b-141 sacatonewash8b-148
sacatonewash8b-147 sacatonewash8b-150 sacatonewash8b-122  This part of the site is really interesting.  I am guessing that it a storage area. sacatonewash8b-160
sacatonewash8b-177 sacatonewash8b-125 sacatonewash8b-127 sacatonewash8-080  Possible partial metate.
sacatonewash8-082 sacatonewash8-085 sacatonewash8b-072 sacatonewash8c-001  I have hiked this area several times over the last five or six years, but never saw what a trusted acquaintance showed me in photos 52 / 90 and 53 / 90.  As you can see from the photos, the upright-placed stones are almost impossible to miss.  They could be seen from below the site and above the site when they are in place and I have hiked within 50’ of this site and never saw them.  Shortly after hearing about the site, I decided to try to locate it.  At that time all I had was a verbal description, which I assumed was enough.  Not having a photograph to go by I thought I had found it, but I could not locate the upright pillars pictured in this and the next photograph.  Not knowing exactly what I was looking for, I abandoned the search for the day after photographing what I thought might be the site.  At that time we assumed that what we found was a habitat of some sorts.  A week or so later I received the photographs showing the pillars at the site.  The verbal description that I was given and the photograph didn’t quite match, but at least I was able to verify that I found the site, minus the “upright stones”.  I have several ideas about this site.  Number one:  It’s a habitat or special-use site.  Number two:  The site was faked or salted by someone to deceive everyone else.  If this is the case, it took a fair amount of work on their part to pull off the hoax.  I trust my source for this site so if it was a “setup” site, they had nothing to do with it.  Number three:  The site is authentic and is still being used by local Native Americans.  There are sites in Nevada that are considered sacred and are still being used for ceremonial purposes, such as Mt. Schader.  If this is the case, then I am guessing that an elder probably chewed some major butt because someone left the site without removing the stone pillars.  I just happened to visit the site sometime in the interim between the stones being in place and being taken down and I never got the chance to see the fully-assembled site.  My conclusions:  It’s either a habitat site like we originally thought or it’s a ceremonial site.  Either way, we saw a really cool place.  The four upright stones are still at the site, but are scattered on the ground.  If the site was faked, why would someone go to the trouble to go back to the site to take them down? I am leaning towards it is a ceremonial site and the stones were left in place in error.  Except for the first two photos of the actual “four stone pillars”, the rest of the photos in the gallery are mine taken after the stone pillars were removed.
sacatonewash8c-002  This photo was taken by a trusted acquaintance and was the reason for my visit to the site.  The four upright stones in the center of this photo are approximately 18” to 24” tall and estimated to weigh between 20-40 lbs each.  When the photo was taken, the stones were free-standing on the larger boulder, but are now no longer in place.  They were removed sometime after this photo was taken and before the time I visited the site.  In the lower right quadrant, note the “pointer stone” pointing towards something behind me, possibly a ridgeline or another site. sacatonewash8-026  This is the site and the upright stones, if they had still been there, would be just out of frame on the right. sacatonewash8b-079  Looking down into the site. sacatonewash8b-064  Another angle looking down into the site from above.  Notice my walking stick laying next to the “pointer” stone.  If the upright stones were still in place, they would be just out of frame on the left.
sacatonewash8b-062 sacatonewash8b-056  The top four dark colored stones appeared to be stacked.  They are about the same size as the others (upright stones) and may have also been used in ceremonies. sacatonewash8b-060 sacatonewash8-035
sacatonewash8-037 sacatonewash8-033 sacatonewash8-032  This outcropping could be interpreted as a vulva.  In that case this may be a birthing site. sacatonewash8-060  Three of the four “upright” stones can be seen in this photo.
sacatonewash8-041  A small shelter within the site. sacatonewash8-077  The pointer stone. sacatonewash8-044 sacatonewash8-046
sacatonewash8-075 sacatonewash8-047 sacatonewash8-051 sacatonewash8b-075
sacatonewash8b-077 sacatonewash8-054  When looking through the opening, you see another small site below it. sacatonewash8-057 sacatonewash8-071  A rock arrangement below the main site.
sacatonewash8-072 sacatonewash8-062 sacatonewash8-063 sacatonewash8-065
sacatonewash8b-040  OK, if you thought I was speculating before, wait for this.  The Paiutes at Pyramid Lake have a sacred place called The Stone Mother.  If you think “stylized”, the next image could be a stylized Stone Mother or ...  It’s a stretch, but you never know (next photo). sacatonewash8-068  A stylized Stone Mother??  This stone is about six feet tall.  Combine this with the possible “vulva” in previous photo and we may be on to something. sacatonewash8b-042 sacatonewash8b-043
sacatonewash8b-046  Associated habitat. sacatonewash8-067 sacatonewash8b-048 sacatonewash8b-049
sacatonewash8b-054 sacatonewash8-050