Sandstone Bluffs 5

Red Rock National Conservation Area
sandstonebluffs5-020  The panel is on the backside of the large sandstone boulder.  Part of the habitat is in the foreground. sandstonebluffs5-029 sandstonebluffs5-031 sandstonebluffs5-070
sandstonebluffs5-035 sandstonebluffs5-036 sandstonebluffs5-045 sandstonebluffs5-064
sandstonebluffs5-062 sandstonebluffs5-047 sandstonebluffs5-050 sandstonebluffs5-053
sandstonebluffs5-089 sandstonebluffs5-092 sandstonebluffs5-040  The sherds and the metate were on the opposite side of the boulder from the panel. sandstonebluffs5-043
sandstonebluffs5-022  The metate sandstonebluffs5-024 sandstonebluffs5-049  From the top of the boulder looking towards the habitat area sandstonebluffs5-059
sandstonebluffs5-074 sandstonebluffs5-076 sandstonebluffs5-080  A rock ring. sandstonebluffs5-085
sandstonebluffs5-077 sandstonebluffs5-087 sandstonebluffs5-096  A bedrock metate on top of the boulder. sandstonebluffs5-094
sandstonebluffs5-011  An historic camp area not far from the previous site. sandstonebluffs5-003 sandstonebluffs5-005 sandstonebluffs5-008  Possible glyph in the camp area.
sandstonebluffs5-015 sandstonebluffs5-016