Sixmile Flat 1

sixmile1-004  This site could be considered a village site as well as a petroglyph site.  It has multiple shelters with associated grinding slicks, and some well worn and difficult to see rock art. sixmile1-005  The rock art was located throughout the boulders. sixmile1-008 sixmile1-022  A possible deer panel.
sixmile1-014 sixmile1-012 sixmile1-015 sixmile1-010
sixmile1-017 sixmile1-020  There are 3 Patterned Body Anthropomorphs (PBA’s) in this panel.  The Pahranagat Man and PBA’s are found throughout this region. sixmile1-026 sixmile1-024
sixmile1-027 sixmile1-029 sixmile1-031 sixmile1-034
sixmile1-037 sixmile1-039 sixmile1-042 sixmile1-044
sixmile1-046 sixmile1-047 sixmile1-051 sixmile1-052
sixmile1-056 sixmile1-058 sixmile1-060 sixmile1-062
sixmile1-063 sixmile1-065 sixmile1-067 sixmile1-083
sixmile1-085 sixmile1-086 sixmile1-118 sixmile1-088
sixmile1-091 sixmile1-092  There are several small pictographs in this shelter that I did not see at the time, and it looks like a return trip is needed. sixmile1 092d sixmile1-105  The first of several milling or grinding sites.
sixmile1-106 sixmile1-102 sixmile1-109 sixmile1-111
sixmile1-113 sixmile1-114 sixmile1-117 sixmile1-121
sixmile1-122 sixmile1-124 sixmile1-127 sixmile1-133
sixmile1-135 sixmile1-128 sixmile1-131 sixmile1-137  Another milling or grinding site.
sixmile1-138 sixmile1-140 sixmile1-142 sixmile1-144
sixmile1-146 sixmile1-148 sixmile1-160 sixmile1-151
sixmile1-153 sixmile1-212 sixmile1-214 sixmile1-154
sixmile1-158 sixmile1-163 sixmile1-164 sixmile1-166
sixmile1-170 sixmile1-171 sixmile1-173 sixmile1-174
sixmile1-177 sixmile1-182 sixmile1-184 sixmile1-186
sixmile1-188 sixmile1-211  The entrance to another shelter with a milling or grinding site. sixmile1-195 sixmile1-189  A possible cupule in the wall of this shelter.
sixmile1-193 sixmile1-197 sixmile1-199 sixmile1-200
sixmile1-204 sixmile1-209 sixmile1-217 sixmile1-218
sixmile1-220 sixmile1-223 sixmile1-224 sixmile1-226
sixmile1-229 sixmile1-230 sixmile1-233 sixmile1-234
sixmile1-236 sixmile1-239 sixmile1-241 sixmile1-242
sixmile1-245 sixmile1-247 sixmile1-255 sixmile1-257
sixmile1-258 sixmile1-261