Sixmile Flat 2

sixmile2-003 sixmile2-029  There are two panels on the face of these boulders.  On the left there are Patterned Body Anthropomorphs (PBA’s) and on the right is a Pahranagat Man. sixmile2-017  Patterned Body Anthropomorphs (PBA’s). sixmile2-020
sixmile2-022 sixmile2-025 sixmile2-005  A Pahranagat Man. sixmile2-007
sixmile2-011 sixmile2-012 sixmile2-015 sixmile2-028  In this grouping of rocks is something a little different.
sixmile2-032  The stone with the possible cross or anthropomorph on it appears to be out of place and the color of it is different from the surrounding stone.  It resembles a cap stone or cover stone.  So… I wonder what if anything is behind it? sixmile2-034 sixmile2-035  There is rock art on the face of this boulder, but it is very difficult to see. sixmile2-037