Sixmile Flat 6

sixmile6-109  This site was a village and consists of multiple shelters, petroglyphs, pictographs, a few artifacts, a cupule, a mortar, and over 18 grinding slicks. sixmile6-003 sixmile6-031  At this part of the site we found a few poor quality pictographs, a mortar, and a grinding slick.  As we circle around the group of boulders we found more grinding slicks. sixmile6-007
sixmile6-009 sixmile6-013 sixmile6-015  There are 3 white sheep pictographs in this alcove.  Even when enhanced using D-Stretch they are still difficult to see. sixmile6-015 lab
sixmile6-016 sixmile6-016 lab sixmile6-019 sixmile6-019 lab
sixmile6-020 sixmile6-020 lab sixmile6-026 sixmile6-026 lab  … and a couple of smears.
sixmile6-034  I don’t know exactly what is going on here, but someone moved several cubic yards of sand and dirt from the face of a possible shelter. sixmile6-035b  The white line is the ground level before digging.  They went down about 3’ to 4’ below the current ground level and across about 6’ to 7’ to open up an old shelter.  There were a few small chips in the dirt, but nothing major.  I photographed the walls hoping for a few worn pictographs, but nothing showed up there either. sixmile6-035 sixmile6-039
sixmile6-046 sixmile6-048 sixmile6-051  This grinding slick and bedrock metate are on the shelf next to the dug out shelter. sixmile6-053
sixmile6-054 sixmile6-061 sixmile6-061b  More slicks. sixmile6-064b
sixmile6-081 sixmile6-066 sixmile6-073 sixmile6-072
sixmile6-072b  And more slicks. sixmile6-076 sixmile6-076a sixmile6-077
sixmile6-068 sixmile6-082b  You guessed it, more slicks. sixmile6-085 sixmile6-086
sixmile6-086b sixmile6-078 sixmile6-089 sixmile6-089b  This one is different.  This time there are 3 slicks and a cupule.
sixmile6-090  The center arrow is the cupule. sixmile6-092 sixmile6-095  These are the only petroglyphs that we noticed. sixmile6-096
sixmile6-115 sixmile6-100 sixmile6-103  Another shelter and 2 more grinding slicks. sixmile6-111
sixmile6-112 sixmile6-136 sixmile6-139  And more… sixmile6-125
sixmile6-128  And more… sixmile6-129 sixmile6-131 sixmile6-133
sixmile6-041  We did notice a few artifacts. sixmile6-057 sixmile6-056  Both the upper and lower edges have been worked. sixmile6-059
sixmile6-158  The left, right, and upper edges have been flaked or worked.  This tool is about 3” across. sixmile6-147  Another habitat area with grinding slicks. sixmile6-148 sixmile6-151
sixmile6-156 sixmile6-123 sixmile6-122 sixmile6-142