Sixmile Flat 7

sixmile7-004  At this site we found an alcove with a pictograph panel, and a short distance away we found a panel containing sheep and Pahranagat Man. sixmile7-003 sixmile7-005  Near the alcove is a cupule sixmile7-008
sixmile7-028  Another large cupule or small mortar. sixmile7-033 sixmile7-009  Each of the next 8 photos is followed by an enhanced version to better view the pictographs.  The long smears or finger like elements range from 6” to 10” in length. sixmile7-009 lab
sixmile7-011 sixmile7-011 lab sixmile7-015 sixmile7-015 lab
sixmile7-019 sixmile7-019 lab sixmile7-020 sixmile7-020 lab
sixmile7-023 sixmile7-023 lab sixmile7-025 sixmile7-025 lab
sixmile7-030 sixmile7-030 lab sixmile7-035  A Pahranagat Man and sheep panel. sixmile7-037
sixmile7-039 sixmile7-042 sixmile7-040 sixmile7-050
sixmile7-049 sixmile7-046 sixmile7-052 sixmile7-054
sixmile7-056 sixmile7-058 sixmile7-061 sixmile7-063
sixmile7-065 sixmile7-067 sixmile7-070 sixmile7-074
sixmile7-075 sixmile7-078  This panel is unique and probably very significant.  Some people interpret this as a “Pahranagat” family and others call this a Pahranagat Man and two “Water Babies”.  The following is taken from the “Tribally Approved American Indian Ethnographic Analysis of the Proposed Delamar Valley Solar Energy Zone” report dated October 2011.  Water Babies: The presence of water babies in the Delamar Valley SEZ American Indian study area is critical to how the area has been interpreted and traditionally used. Water babies are powerful spiritual beings that are associated with water and volcanic places. They live in flowing water of many kinds, including rivers and artesian springs, and frequently travel through both natural and manmade hydrological systems. Water babies are considered to be female and are often described as around three feet high with long hair and hard shell-like skin. The tremendous power of water babies is complex, making them very special spiritual helpers for a shaman (Puha‟gant), but also incredibly dangerous for those unable to control the power. For this reason, water baby spiritual helpers were largely avoided by uninitiated people and were only associated with extremely powerful spiritual people or Rain Shamans. Their connection with water made them very valuable for rain making activities. sixmile7-081 sixmile7-083
sixmile7-085 sixmile7-086 sixmile7-088 sixmile7-090
sixmile7-093 sixmile7-094