Sloan Canyon Miscellaneous 4

sloancanyonmisc4-010  The majority of the rock rings that we located on this trip were near the edge of the wash and usually on a shelf about 5’ to 15’ above the wash bottom. sloancanyonmisc4-012 sloancanyonmisc4-013 sloancanyonmisc4-016
sloancanyonmisc4-004  Grinding slick. sloancanyonmisc4-005 sloancanyonmisc4-024  My hiking partner and I have been privileged to see a lot of rock rings over the last few years, and the one thing that I am seeing more of are “center stones” and “upright stones”.  This particular ring has a small upright stone near the center of the ring. sloancanyonmisc4-026
sloancanyonmisc4-042 sloancanyonmisc4-043  A rock ring with a “backrest stone”.   Every once in a while we come across a rock ring that has a large rock at one end and with a little imagination you can picture someone sitting in the ring leaning back against the rock.  I am sure that this is not the way it went down, but it’s my story and I’m sticking with it. sloancanyonmisc4-048 sloancanyonmisc4-050  Possible metate.
sloancanyonmisc4-051 sloancanyonmisc4-064  In the center of the rocks and the photo there is a small circular grouping of rocks.  The group is about 16” across and made up of 5 small stones with a center stone. sloancanyonmisc4-066  The group is about 16” across and made up of 5 small stones with a center stone. sloancanyonmisc4-070
sloancanyonmisc4-067  Small ring-like grouping adjacent to a larger rock ring grouping. sloancanyonmisc4-072 sloancanyonmisc4-074 sloancanyonmisc4-075
sloancanyonmisc4-077 sloancanyonmisc4-079 sloancanyonmisc4-081  Another rock ring. sloancanyonmisc4-022
sloancanyonmisc4-083 sloancanyonmisc4-086 sloancanyonmisc4-089  A larger rock ring with a 7 small stone alignment in the center. sloancanyonmisc4-090
sloancanyonmisc4-093  Possible hunting blind. sloancanyonmisc4-094 sloancanyonmisc4-097  Rock ring. sloancanyonmisc4-098  Rock grouping.
sloancanyonmisc4-100 sloancanyonmisc4-102 sloancanyonmisc4-104 sloancanyonmisc4-111
sloancanyonmisc4-109  One of the nicest rock rings we encountered. sloancanyonmisc4-113  Rock ring with center stone. sloancanyonmisc4-117 sloancanyonmisc4-115
sloancanyonmisc4-119 sloancanyonmisc4-120  Rock ring with tail of stones. sloancanyonmisc4-122 sloancanyonmisc4-124  Rock ring.
sloancanyonmisc4-127 sloancanyonmisc4-130 sloancanyonmisc4-143 sloancanyonmisc4-151  Rock ring and upright center stone.
sloancanyonmisc4-154 sloancanyonmisc4-157 sloancanyonmisc4-167  Possible hunting blind. sloancanyonmisc4-172