Sloan Canyon Miscellaneous 5

sloancanyonmisc5-182  This large shelter could have easily housed several people and it provides an excellent view up and down the canyon.  The only artifacts that we saw were a partial metate and a possible grinding slick. sloancanyonmisc5-185 sloancanyonmisc5-025 sloancanyonmisc5-036  The shelter is about 40’ long.
sloancanyonmisc5-066 sloancanyonmisc5-049  There are several fractured grinding slicks and a possible cooking area. sloancanyonmisc5-056 sloancanyonmisc5-083
sloancanyonmisc5-038 sloancanyonmisc5-060 sloancanyonmisc5-042 sloancanyonmisc5-094  Fractured metate.
sloancanyonmisc5-048 sloancanyonmisc5-059  Possible grinding slick.  The slick appears to have been used on two different surfaces. sloancanyonmisc5-062 sloancanyonmisc5-044  Sometimes we come across prayer sticks that have been placed in a crack inside of a shelter.  If this shelter had been in a more secluded spot, I would have considered this as a “prayer stick”, but in this location I am not sure.
sloancanyonmisc5-046 sloancanyonmisc5-089 sloancanyonmisc5-034 sloancanyonmisc5-068
sloancanyonmisc5-098  We came across full circle rings, and several half-circle rings, most with centered stones. sloancanyonmisc5-102 sloancanyonmisc5-104 sloancanyonmisc5-112
sloancanyonmisc5-117 sloancanyonmisc5-116 sloancanyonmisc5-124 sloancanyonmisc5-126
sloancanyonmisc5-128 sloancanyonmisc5-130 sloancanyonmisc5-137 sloancanyonmisc5-139
sloancanyonmisc5-140 sloancanyonmisc5-142 sloancanyonmisc5-144 sloancanyonmisc5-146  There was a small rock alignment with a ring encircling the bush.
sloancanyonmisc5-152 sloancanyonmisc5-149 sloancanyonmisc5-153 sloancanyonmisc5-155
sloancanyonmisc5-158 sloancanyonmisc5-161 sloancanyonmisc5-163 sloancanyonmisc5-165
sloancanyonmisc5-167 sloancanyonmisc5-171 sloancanyonmisc5-175 sloancanyonmisc5-178
sloancanyonmisc5-180 sloancanyonmisc5-188 sloancanyonmisc5-193