Trails and Trade Routes 1 - Part 1

thetrail1-017  Typical view of the trail. thetrail1-001  Most of the petroglyphs, trail markers, and possible habitat areas were located within 50’, if not right next to the trail. thetrail1-003 thetrail1-007
thetrail1-009 thetrail1-012 thetrail1-014 thetrail1-015
thetrail1-019 thetrail1-022 thetrail1-024 thetrail1-026
thetrail1-028 thetrail1-029 thetrail1-032 thetrail1-033
thetrail1-035 thetrail1-038 thetrail1-039 thetrail1-041
thetrail1-043 thetrail1-044 thetrail1-048 thetrail1-049
thetrail1-051 thetrail1-053 thetrail1-054 thetrail1-055
thetrail1-057 thetrail1-059 thetrail1-006  A rock ring. thetrail1-062
thetrail1-064 thetrail1-066 thetrail1-068  At regular intervals next to the trail we found pottery shards and grinding stones that were possibly for ceremonial purposes. thetrail1-070
thetrail1-072 thetrail1-073 thetrail1-076  Along the trail I would periodically see small rocks with pecked or etched marks on them. It's possible that they were markers of a sort. thetrail1-078
thetrail1-080 thetrail1-082 thetrail1-083 thetrail1-086
thetrail1-088 thetrail1-091 thetrail1-093 thetrail1-097
thetrail1-099 thetrail1-101 thetrail1-102 thetrail1-105
thetrail1-106 thetrail1-108 thetrail1-109 thetrail1-111
thetrail1-114 thetrail1-116 thetrail1-117 thetrail1-119
thetrail1-122 thetrail1-123 thetrail1-126 thetrail1-128
thetrail1-130 thetrail1-131 thetrail1-133 thetrail1-136
thetrail1-137 thetrail1-138 thetrail1-140 thetrail1-142
thetrail1-144 thetrail1-145 thetrail1-146 thetrail1-148
thetrail1-150 thetrail1-152 thetrail1-155 thetrail1-156
thetrail1-158 thetrail1-161 thetrail1-163 thetrail1-165
thetrail1-167 thetrail1-168 thetrail1-171 thetrail1-173
thetrail1-174 thetrail1-177 thetrail1-179 thetrail1-181
thetrail1-182 thetrail1-184 thetrail1-186 thetrail1-188
thetrail1-190 thetrail1-192 thetrail1-194 thetrail1-196
thetrail1-197 thetrail1-199 thetrail1-201 thetrail1-203
thetrail1-206 thetrail1-207 thetrail1-209 thetrail1-211
thetrail1-214 thetrail1-217 thetrail1-218 thetrail1-220
thetrail1-224 thetrail1-228 thetrail1-229 thetrail1-242
thetrail1-244 thetrail1-246 thetrail1-248 thetrail1-250
thetrail1-252  Another possible trail marker. thetrail1-253 thetrail1-256 thetrail1-230
thetrail1-237  The end or beginning of this part of the trail. thetrail1-259  This large pile of stones is near the beginning or end of this section of the trail, depending on your direction of travel.  I was told that people would place stones on the pile for thanks or to ensure a good trip on the trail. thetrail1-233 thetrail1-236