Trails and Trade Routes 1 - Part 2

thetrail2b-114  This trail was used for over a thousand years for trade and travel.  In many places the trail is so worn into the desert pavement that it is visible for hundreds of yards in the distance, and in other places it has been destroyed by erosion. thetrail2b-060 thetrail2b-155  Along the trail we located petroglyphs, trail markers, and possible habitat areas.  Most of these were within 50’, if not right next to the trail. thetrail2b-066
thetrail2b-011 thetrail2b-016 thetrail2b-122 thetrail2b-120
thetrail2b-018 thetrail2b-021 thetrail2b-128 thetrail2b-022
thetrail2b-024 thetrail2b-027 thetrail2b-029 thetrail2b-031
thetrail2b-033 thetrail2b-174 thetrail2b-038 thetrail2b-040
thetrail2b-042 thetrail2b-044 thetrail2b-140 thetrail2b-047
thetrail2b-048 thetrail2b-137 thetrail2b-051 thetrail2b-053
thetrail2b-107 thetrail2b-091 thetrail2b-104 thetrail2b-153
thetrail2b-057 thetrail2b-055 thetrail2b-149 thetrail2b-058
thetrail2b-144 thetrail2b-146 thetrail2b-061 thetrail2b-064
thetrail2b-067 thetrail2b-072 thetrail2b-073 thetrail2b-075
thetrail2b-088 thetrail2b-079 thetrail2b-081 thetrail2b-082
thetrail2b-085 thetrail2b-086 thetrail2b-093 thetrail2b-097
thetrail2b-095 thetrail2b-100 thetrail2b-109 thetrail2b-111
thetrail2b-116  At regular intervals next to the trail we found pottery sherds and grinding stones that were possibly for ceremonial purposes. thetrail2b-112 thetrail2b-119 thetrail2b-125
thetrail2b-131 thetrail2b-134 thetrail2b-142 thetrail2b-148
thetrail2b-156 thetrail2b-162 thetrail2b-165 thetrail2b-168
thetrail2b-170 thetrail2b-172 thetrail2b-176 thetrail2b-180
thetrail2b-179 thetrail2b-183 thetrail2b-185 thetrail2b-186
thetrail2b-188 thetrail2b-191 thetrail2b-192 thetrail2b-194
thetrail2b-198  Along the trail we located several possible habitat areas. thetrail2b-197 thetrail2b-199 thetrail2b-201
thetrail2b-203 thetrail2b-205 thetrail2b-207 thetrail2b-214
thetrail2b-208 thetrail2b-210 thetrail2b-213 thetrail2b-217
thetrail2b-219 thetrail2b-220 thetrail2b-223 thetrail2b-225
thetrail2b-226 thetrail2b-228  Rock arrangements like this were common along this section of the trail. thetrail2b-230  This grouping of rocks was different than most that we have seen.  The rocks were arranged in an open square formation. thetrail2b-234
thetrail2b-237 thetrail2b-238 thetrail2b-241 thetrail2b-243  Along the trail we located several possible habitat areas or rock arrangements.
thetrail2b-245 thetrail2b-248 thetrail2b-249  Possible rock alignment. thetrail2b-251  There were two of these rock piles next to a wash.  The wash was about 10’ below the possible blind or whatever it was.
thetrail2b-253 thetrail2b-255 thetrail2b-257 thetrail2b-259  This was the second possible blind.
thetrail2b-261  This possible rock, or sleeping ring is about 4’ in diameter thetrail2b-263 thetrail2b-266  Rock ring. thetrail2b-267
thetrail2b-269  Grinding slick or metate. thetrail2b-001  A rock ring and rock pile. thetrail2b-003 thetrail2b-006