Virgin Mts 3

virginmts3b-009  Virgin Mts 3 is located not far from Whitney Pockets in the Gold Butte region of Southern Nevada and is made up of several small sites.  We started our hike at the four large roasting pits and ended up finding shelters, several rock rings, and a small petroglyph panel.  What we found made a great trip, but what eluded us on this trip was a supposed new “super” site that we heard rumors of somewhere in this general area.  Since we didn’t locate it, that will have to be another trip. virginmts3b-012  The large roasting pits in the center of the photo is our starting point, and  from there it’s into the red rocks. virginmts3b-016 virginmts3b-042
virginmts3b-045 virginmts3b-027  It is difficult to see in this photo, but we came across several depressed areas measuring about 6’ across which may have been sleeping circles or habitat areas. virginmts3b-028  For comparison, my walking stick is about 48” long.  Also along the left side of this photo you can see what appears to be a trail. viginmts3-007  This panel is possibly historic, but probably done in the last decade or so.  The overall height and width is about 12” by 12”, and probably took somebody a fair amount of time to complete.  Historic or not, it’s kind of cool.
viginmts3-003 viginmts3-047  This shelter had some evidence of being lived in, but it also looks like someone has been digging through it. viginmts3-065 viginmts3-067
viginmts3-070 viginmts3-072 viginmts3-011  This is a small, but very nice panel with some deeply-carved elements consisting of circular patterns and several other pecked elements.  All of the elements in this panel have been completely re-patinated. virginmts3b-145
viginmts3-014 viginmts3-012 virginmts3b-147 viginmts3-019
viginmts3-022 viginmts3-026 viginmts3-028 viginmts3-030
viginmts3-034 viginmts3-038 viginmts3-040 viginmts3-044
viginmts3-049 viginmts3-052 viginmts3-054 viginmts3-055
viginmts3-057 viginmts3-059 viginmts3-061 viginmts3-063
viginmts3-077 viginmts3-079 viginmts3-081 viginmts3-084
viginmts3-086 viginmts3-087 virginmts3b-095  Shelter 2. virginmts3b-100
virginmts3b-102 virginmts3b-113 virginmts3b-139 virginmts3b-142
virginmts3b-129  These were identified for me as fossilized worm castings. virginmts3b-131 virginmts3b-023  On this hilltop we found more depressions.  This one has a center stone. virginmts3b-025  The depression is the cleared area near the center of the photo.  Also note along the right side in the photo is a trail.  That puts this sleeping area next to a trail as with the previous one.
virginmts3b-035  The trail is in the left half of this photo and bends to the right. virginmts3b-038 viginmts3-128  The next several photos are rock rings that are associated with the petroglyphs and the shelter, and possibly with the roasting pits. viginmts3-130
viginmts3-133 viginmts3-135 viginmts3-136 virginmts3b-066  Shelter 3.
virginmts3b-069 virginmts3b-078 virginmts3b-080 virginmts3b-082
virginmts3b-096 virginmts3b-098 virginmts3b-050  I found several of these “teardrop” shaped areas.  They all measured about 3’ across by 4’ long and the pointed ends (facing towards the bottom in this photo) were all pointed in a southerly direction.  This one was different from the others because it contained a flat stone that appeared to be a grinding slick.  The first thing that comes to mind is that they were use for ceremonial purposes, but they may have been cooking or storages areas. virginmts3b-057
virginmts3b-058 virginmts3b-054  Possible grinding slick. virginmts3b-061  Fractured metates or grinding slicks. virginmts3b-063
virginmts3b-119  Edge of a rock ring or sleeping area. virginmts3b-121 virginmts3b-123 virginmts3b-127
virginmts3b-156  This rock ring or cooking pit had a large bush growing in it, evidence that it had not been used in many years. virginmts3b-158 virginmts3b-160  This rock formation proved interesting.  The rocks are in a rectangular pattern about 20’ long by 15’ wide with a small cleared area inside the rectangle.  The cleared area shows no visible signs of being a pit or cooking area.  We know for a fact that cattle had been run in this area years ago, so that could make this site historic.  We also know that 300 yards from here are shelters and petroglyphs, so maybe the rock formation is from that period. virginmts3b-164
virginmts3b-161 virginmts3b-166 virginmts3b-167 virginmts3b-169
virginmts3b-171 virginmts3b-173  The cleared area in the center is visible here. virginmts3b-176  A small rock ring about 5’ in diameter. virginmts3b-183
virginmts3b-192  Another small teardrop-shaped rock ring. virginmts3b-196  The point or tail of the teardrop-shaped rock ring is at the bottom of the photo and is pointing in a southerly direction.