Valley of Fire 8 - Off The Beaten Path

valleyoffire8-027  Site 8:  This is a small and secluded site and it has only a few petroglyphs, but a couple of them are unique for this area. valleyoffire8-050 valleyoffire8-052 valleyoffire8-004
valleyoffire8-006 valleyoffire8-007 valleyoffire8-009 valleyoffire8-012
valleyoffire8-029  The unique ones are on the top and side of this rock. valleyoffire8-013 valleyoffire8-016 valleyoffire8-038
valleyoffire8-031  The arrows point to the two glyphs. valleyoffire8-045 valleyoffire8-046 valleyoffire8-018
valleyoffire8-021  A nearby shelter and metate. valleyoffire8-024 valleyoffire8-057 valleyoffire8-058