Valley of Fire 13 - Off The Beaten Path

valleyoffire13-025  Site 13:  This entire area was part of a habitat. valleyoffire13-006 valleyoffire13-008  The main shelter. valleyoffire13-024
valleyoffire13-009 valleyoffire13-012 valleyoffire13-013 valleyoffire13-015  Was this a birthing site for animals or humans?
valleyoffire13-018 valleyoffire13-020 valleyoffire13-022 valleyoffire13-027  A secondary shelter.
valleyoffire13-029  A pottery sherd. valleyoffire13-032 valleyoffire13-034 valleyoffire13a-002
valleyoffire13a-003  A tool. valleyoffire13a-004