Valley of Fire 28 - Off The Beaten Path

valleyoffire28-005  This site consists of a rock art panel, a couple of related shelters and a few artifacts. valleyoffire28-008 valleyoffire28-053 valleyoffire28-055
valleyoffire28-015 valleyoffire28-016 valleyoffire28-023 valleyoffire28-031
valleyoffire28-027 valleyoffire28-028 valleyoffire28-024 valleyoffire28-033
valleyoffire28-035 valleyoffire28-038 valleyoffire28-039 valleyoffire28-041
valleyoffire28-043 valleyoffire28-044 valleyoffire28-046 valleyoffire28-049
valleyoffire28-056 valleyoffire28-009 valleyoffire28-058 valleyoffire28-011
valleyoffire28-060  Shelter 1:  Shelter area with the remnants of a rock ring or fire pit area. valleyoffire28-067 valleyoffire28-071 valleyoffire28-069
valleyoffire28-072  Shelter 2. valleyoffire28-075 valleyoffire28-078 valleyoffire28-081  Possible artifact.  The two indents (about ¾” in diameter) appear to be man-made and the overall length of the rock is about 8”.