Valley of Fire 30 - Off The Beaten Path

valleyoffire30-082  This is one of two shelter sites that we found containing numerous pottery sherds. valleyoffire30-006 valleyoffire30-003 valleyoffire30-054  The overhang / shelter and possible fire pit.
valleyoffire30-067 valleyoffire30-049  Possible fire pit. valleyoffire30-052  Two possible rock rings.  The pottery sherds would be out of frame on the right. valleyoffire30-016
valleyoffire30-007 valleyoffire30-010 valleyoffire30-011 valleyoffire30-014
valleyoffire30-019 valleyoffire30-021 valleyoffire30-024 valleyoffire30-025
valleyoffire30-027 valleyoffire30-030 valleyoffire30-031 valleyoffire30-034
valleyoffire30-035 valleyoffire30-038 valleyoffire30-039 valleyoffire30-041
valleyoffire30-043 valleyoffire30-045 valleyoffire30-048 valleyoffire30-056
valleyoffire30-057 valleyoffire30-060 valleyoffire30-062 valleyoffire30-064
valleyoffire30-076 valleyoffire30-079 valleyoffire30-072  Another close by shelter.