Valley of Fire 31 - Off The Beaten Path

valleyoffire31-111  This is the second shelter that we found containing numerous pottery sherds and a few artifacts. valleyoffire31-003 valleyoffire31-072  Notice the rock in the center of the photo.  Someone who had been there prior to me placed a lot of sherds and a few stone artifacts on top of it.  Many of the pottery sherds are still strewn about the site. valleyoffire31-069
valleyoffire31-108 valleyoffire31-056  The rock. valleyoffire31-068  We saw brownware, and or grayware, 3 different patterns of corrugated, and several different stone artifacts. valleyoffire31-026
valleyoffire31-028 valleyoffire31-037  There were several hammerstone including this one in the lower left. valleyoffire31-035 valleyoffire31-048
valleyoffire31-041 valleyoffire31-044 valleyoffire31-046 valleyoffire31-030
valleyoffire31-031 valleyoffire31-034 valleyoffire31-023 valleyoffire31-073
valleyoffire31-075 valleyoffire31-040 valleyoffire31-050 valleyoffire31-051
valleyoffire31-052 valleyoffire31-054 valleyoffire31-078 valleyoffire31-081
valleyoffire31-093 valleyoffire31-080 valleyoffire31-085 valleyoffire31-084
valleyoffire31-091 valleyoffire31-086 valleyoffire31-089 valleyoffire31-096
valleyoffire31-098 valleyoffire31-100 valleyoffire31-102 valleyoffire31-105
valleyoffire31-107 valleyoffire31-060  An intact metate. valleyoffire31-062 valleyoffire31-064  A partial grinding slick.
valleyoffire31-066 valleyoffire31-006 valleyoffire31-008 valleyoffire31-009
valleyoffire31-011 valleyoffire31-013 valleyoffire31-016 valleyoffire31-018