vontrigger1-178  The Vontrigger site has evidence of being occupied from prehistoric through historic times.  The part of the site that we visited consisted of very worn pictographs, several shelters, and a rock ring. vontrigger1-006  The pictographs are located along this wall, which is fully exposed to the elements and because of their exposure we are lucky to see anything.  Most of the pictograph photos will be followed by an enhanced version using D-Stretch.  You will also see many duplicate photos because of trying to get coverage of everything.  Some of the pictographs are obvious and others are just dabs of paint. vontrigger1-005 vontrigger1-005d
vontrigger1-007 vontrigger1-007d vontrigger1-011 vontrigger1-011d
vontrigger1-031 vontrigger1-031d vontrigger1-032 vontrigger1-032d
vontrigger1-033 vontrigger1-033d vontrigger1-218 vontrigger1-218d
vontrigger1-213 vontrigger1-213d vontrigger1-179 vontrigger1-179d
vontrigger1-185 vontrigger1-185d vontrigger1-186 vontrigger1-186d
vontrigger1-188 vontrigger1-188d vontrigger1-192 vontrigger1-192dd  Lower arrow:  Anthropomorph. Middle arrow:  T-shape or anthropomorph. Upper arrow:  X’s
vontrigger1-193 vontrigger1-193d vontrigger1-195 vontrigger1-195d
vontrigger1-201 vontrigger1-201d vontrigger1-204 vontrigger1-204d
vontrigger1-202 vontrigger1-202d vontrigger1-205 vontrigger1-205d
vontrigger1-206 vontrigger1-206d vontrigger1-210 vontrigger1-210d
vontrigger1-211 vontrigger1-211d vontrigger1-216 vontrigger1-216d
vontrigger1-220 vontrigger1-220d vontrigger1-034  A possible habitat area just beyond the pictographs. vontrigger1-035
vontrigger1-036 vontrigger1-037 vontrigger1-038  The petroglyphs were located on the hill above the pictograph site. vontrigger1-039
vontrigger1-040 vontrigger1-090 vontrigger1-041 vontrigger1-042
vontrigger1-043 vontrigger1-044 vontrigger1-045 vontrigger1-046
vontrigger1-047 vontrigger1-048 vontrigger1-053 vontrigger1-050
vontrigger1-051 vontrigger1-052 vontrigger1-057 vontrigger1-058
vontrigger1-059 vontrigger1-060 vontrigger1-061 vontrigger1-062
vontrigger1-063 vontrigger1-064 vontrigger1-065 vontrigger1-066
vontrigger1-067 vontrigger1-068 vontrigger1-069 vontrigger1-070
vontrigger1-071 vontrigger1-072 vontrigger1-073 vontrigger1-091
vontrigger1-092 vontrigger1-093 vontrigger1-094 vontrigger1-095
vontrigger1-096 vontrigger1-098 vontrigger1-099 vontrigger1-100
vontrigger1-101 vontrigger1-102 vontrigger1-103 vontrigger1-104
vontrigger1-089 vontrigger1-074  While on top of the hill above the pictographs we spotted a really cool shelter down below. vontrigger1-054 vontrigger1-055  The structure of the shelter was very interesting.
vontrigger1-056  The shelter had some evidence of being occupied. vontrigger1-075 vontrigger1-087 vontrigger1-076
vontrigger1-079  There was fire blackening in the rear of the shelter. vontrigger1-082 vontrigger1-088  Hiking towards shelter number two. vontrigger1-085
vontrigger1-106  Shelter 2: At this shelter we found evidence multiple peoples using the area.  We found everything from Coke cans, to old blue and purple glass, to pottery sherds.  Dates ranging from, current back to 500 years or more. vontrigger1-163 vontrigger1-162 vontrigger1-108  The stone wall is probably historic.
vontrigger1-109 vontrigger1-112 vontrigger1-114  The interior of the main shelter. vontrigger1-115
vontrigger1-116 vontrigger1-127 vontrigger1-129  At the entrance and the area in front of this shelter is where we spotted the artifacts including the Coke can. vontrigger1-118  Old glass and porcelain, and a stone artifact.
vontrigger1-120 vontrigger1-119 vontrigger1-121  Pottery sherd?? vontrigger1-122
vontrigger1-124 vontrigger1-125  More old glass. vontrigger1-126 vontrigger1-143
vontrigger1-145 vontrigger1-147 vontrigger1-149 vontrigger1-176
vontrigger1-136 vontrigger1-139 vontrigger1-140 vontrigger1-146  In this small sheltered area next to the main shelter were two pottery sherds and a possible rock ring.
vontrigger1-130 vontrigger1-131 vontrigger1-132 vontrigger1-133
vontrigger1-134 vontrigger1-135 vontrigger1-137  Quartz artifact. vontrigger1-138
vontrigger1-142  Someone clued a penny to the wall. vontrigger1-141 vontrigger1-150  Historic can dump near the entrance of the shelter. vontrigger1-151
vontrigger1-152  This is probably the most interesting part of the site.  It is a ring made with upright rocks, much like you would see in a Spanish Arrastra.  It measures about 7’ in diameter.  If this is a prehistoric ring it may have been a storage area. vontrigger1-156 vontrigger1-157  My walking stick is about 48” long. vontrigger1-160
vontrigger1-161 vontrigger1-153  This rock / metate has a hole drilled through it. vontrigger1-154 vontrigger1-158
vontrigger1-159  The backside of the rock with hole visible. vontrigger1-167  Very near the main shelter is another possible habitat area. vontrigger1-166 vontrigger1-168
vontrigger1-170 vontrigger1-171 vontrigger1-172 vontrigger1-173
vontrigger1-177  A view of shelter 2 as we were leaving. vontrigger1-248  Stretching across the wash is the remnants of what I assuming was a natural dike.  At this natural rock wall we found a couple of petroglyphs and two habitats. vontrigger1-224 vontrigger1-225  A small habitat.
vontrigger1-226 vontrigger1-229  This is interesting.  It was in the sand and appears to be made of pottery or clay.  It also looks very similar to a clay pipe. vontrigger1-227 vontrigger1-228
vontrigger1-230 vontrigger1-231  Another rock ring. vontrigger1-232 vontrigger1-233
vontrigger1-235 vontrigger1-237 vontrigger1-234 vontrigger1-238
vontrigger1-239 vontrigger1-240 vontrigger1-241 vontrigger1-242
vontrigger1-243 vontrigger1-244  A possible stone tool. vontrigger1-245 vontrigger1-246